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Black Ops Twin ASSALT Deluxe Pack


The Black Ops Twin ASSALT Deluxe Pack is the ultimate package for boating and PWC after care. Grab a few extra bottles because we know you will love the premium benefits of ASSALT!

ASSALT Pack Includes:

2 x 1L ASSALT Boat & PWC Wash

1 x Black Ops Foaming Gun V2

1 x Microfibre 2-in-1 Wash Mitt

1 x Microfibre Towel

1 x Adjustable Jet/Mist Nozzle

What is Assalt?

ASSALT is a salt wash remover and wax in one product, made bespoke to Tim's exact specifications unique to suit the Australian boating market.

After years in the making, ASSALT has been formulated by Tim Stessl and a Chemist to enable correct removal of salt, whilst ensuring no damage the boat exteriors such as paint, gel coat and aluminium finishes. 

ASSALT has the following attributes:

  • Australian Made and Manufactured for Australian conditions

  • pH neutral, encorporating Carnubia Wax

  • Carniubia Wax enables shine and wax coat protection

  • Recycled packaging

  • Formulated by an Australian Chemist

  • Manufactured by Black Ops Products the Gold Coast

  • Strong grape fragrance allowing for a great wash experience after a great day on the water